Frequently asked Questions on Pricing

When it comes to pricing, we aim to be fair and reasonable. Because we are dilligent in keeping our overhead low, we're focused on client oriented results over passing on exorbitant costs.

Beware Unlicensed & Uninsured Contractors:

Some outfits offer low prices because they're not licensed and don't properly insure their employees, carrying no liability insurance or bonding. In the long run, they're not protecting you, since in hiring a contractor who is unlicensed and uninsured, you are taking on a significant risk. If that contractor damages your property, your homeowners insurance is not required to pay for the damage. This could make you responsible for a catastrophic loss.

Results Handyman Service is licensed (TN #6802), bonded and carries a one million dollar liability policy. We also pay workers comp and unemployment insurance on our hourly employees.

Low cost contractors frequently take plenty of shortcuts. Substandard materials, skipping essential steps such as scraping and priming on a paint job, these are typical "tricks of the trade". In a few months when your paint is flaking off and your new wood is showing rot, your calls will be answered only by voicemail. Results Handyman Service takes pride in using the proper materials and procedures for each and every job. That is why we gladly offer a 2 year guarantee on our work. And that's why we're more than eager to return if something goes amiss.

We will offer you a fixed price bid on practically any project. When you look at our proposal, you will find a detailed description of the work to be done and the precise costs for doing it. On those occasions where the exact nature of damages to be repaired can't be seen or known before getting our hands dirty, we'll explain this ahead of time in addition to what might be reasonable to expect.

There will be no charge until the project is complete and you are satisfied. Only on very large projects do we schedule progress payments; however, this will never come as a surprise. When your project has been completed, we will invoice you and you will be given payment options: Cash, check or all major credit cards. We do add a 3% charge for taking a credit card, which is what we pay for providing that service.

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